Josiah Venture

To equip young leaders throughout Eastern Europe to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church.

Josiah Venture has grown from three couples in 1993 to over 150 staff today. Located in 11 countries in Eastern Europe, along with a support team in North America, over half of our staff are nationals. Thousands of young leaders are trained each year by our staff, and hundreds of new believers are entering the local church as a result of evangelistic and discipleship efforts.

In order to give maximum ownership to emerging national organizations in Eastern Europe, Josiah Venture is structured as a partnership. Ownership is not top down from North America, but shared by each of the countries as a joint venture. The Josiah Venture Council, formed of two key leaders from each country, gives strategic direction to the work and is accountable to the JV NFP Board of Directors in the US and works with the JV Canadian Board of Directors in Canada. The partner organizations from each of our countries are joined by a common vision and a mutual covenant.

As you visit and return often, we invite you to be part of the movement of God among the next generation in Eastern Europe.

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