Concept 7

Concept 7 is a foster family and adoption agency that seeks to ease the suffering of abused and neglected children through a continuum of family-centered treatment and support-related programs.

Since 1973, Concept 7 has established itself as a leading provider for abused and neglected youth and the best practice of care with these services:

Foster Care Program- Full-range of therapeutic and support-related foster care services for boys and girls of all ages. Concept carefully assesses each child prior to placement to ensure that children and foster families are expertly matched. Additionally, the staff makes every attempt to place and keep siblings together.

Adoption Program- The Concept 7 Adoption Program offers support and guidance for prospective foster/adopt parents who wish to pursue the adoption of a child (or children) through the foster care system. Children of all ages and backgrounds are available for adoption and the adoptions are completed without cost.  Candidates for adoptive parents include married couples, single individuals, older persons, members of the GLBT Community, and persons from all socioeconomic statuses.

Clinical & Mental Health Services- Concept 7 provides in-home therapeutic counseling and case management for youth and families at risk of abuse, youth and families already in the foster family program, and for any children returning home after placement. Services include individual, group, and family therapy; crisis intervention; psychological services; medication assessment and monitoring; and referral services.

Support Services- Concept 7 supports caretakers with services including 24 hour emergency support by phone, development of individualized treatment plans including goals and objectives for the children as well as the foster families caring for them, assistance with implementation and evaluation of these treatment plans and accessing of services to help the children achieve their goals, behavior modification support, and assistance in accessing community resources such as tutoring or homework assistance.

Concept 7 will also assist foster families in facilitating contact with the children’s natural family and may provide monitored visitation and/or transportation services to help foster children and their natural families ease the process out of foster care and into reunification.

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